Day 1

Arrival at Oslo Airport and meeting with the company supervisor
Transfer to the hotel in downtown Oslo and check-in to receive the rooms

Day 2

Take a tour to explore the main attractions of Oslo:
Oslo Opera House
Karl Johans Gate
Akershus Fortress
The Royal Palace
Frogner Park & Vigeland Sculptures

Day 3

– Check-out from the hotel in Oslo
– Head west to the village of Voss with stops along the way at Maka Paka’s Field, Voringsfossen Waterfall, and Eidfjord Village
– Arrive at the accommodation in the mountain cabins of Voss village, check-in, and receive room keys

Day 4

– Take a tour to visit some of the most beautiful waterfalls in Western Norway:
Skjervsfossen Waterfall, Steinsdalsfossen Waterfall, Norheimsund Village, Tveitafossen Waterfall

Day 5

– Full day in the village of Flam, one of the most beautiful villages in the western Norwegian countryside. Ride the Flåm Train from the valley on a one-hour journey to the mountains, then return to the valley using the zipline and bicycles, or return by train (depending on preference).
– Visit the Flåm Railway Museum, then take a tour to see the surrounding nature and mountains: Aurlandsvangen utsiktspunkt, Stegastein utsiktspunkt.

Day 6

– Full day in the city of Bergen, the capital of western Norway, and take a trip on the Bergen Funicular to the top of Fløyen Mountain.
– Tour the historic district of Bryggen and the city harbor, visit the fish market, and Bergenhus Fortress.

Day 7

– Check-out from Voss village in the morning
– Head to Stranda village with stops on the way at Voss Church, Tvindefossen Waterfall, Fjaerlands Fjord, and Bøyabreen Glacier
– Arrive in Stranda village at night, check-in at the rural mountain cottages, and receive room keys

Day 8

– Visit the village and river of Stryn
– Embark on a mountain safari in open safari cars, Troll Cars, in the village of Olden, ascending to the top of the mountain to visit the frozen waterfall, Briksdal Glacier
– Take a light hike back down from the mountain and visit Laukifossen Waterfall and Volefossen Waterfall
– Ride the cable car in the village of Loen to ascend to the top of Hoven Mountain for breathtaking views of the village below

Day 9

– Spend a full day in the village of Geiranger, exploring its stunning nature and taking a boat trip on Geiranger Fjord to see the Seven Sisters Waterfalls.
– Take a tour of the mountains surrounding the village: Geiranger Skysslag, Flydalsjuvet, Ørnesvingen

Day 10

– Visit the mountain and valley of the trolls, Trollstigen, with its 11 sharp bends, Trollstigen Utsiktpunkt, and the Stigfossen Waterfall.
– Explore the city of Alesund and take a guided tour to admire its distinctive Art Nouveau architecture.

Day 11

– Check-out in the morning from the village of Stranda and return to Oslo, stopping along the way to visit:
– Gudbrandsjuvet
– Kylling Bridge
– Slettafossen
– Check-in and stay overnight at the hotel near the airport in preparation for the return flight the next day.

Day 12

– Check-out in the morning from the hotel and head to Oslo Airport to return home